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This is the second phase of improvements undertaken by Evesham Glass and Glazing at this beautiful Cotswold home.





Timber framed doors

This photograph was taken before the Evesham Glass team went to work

The doors in place where timber framed doors with single glazed glass. These doors are not very energy efficient and they are not very secure against anyone trying to break-in to your home.




Aluminium bi fold doors

Aluminium bi fold doors


These aluminium bi fold doors in green with Georgian lead to match the previous installation of windows and doors that Evesham Glass did. The laminated glass adds to the security and deters burglars due to it’s shatter proof nature. ┬áIt is rate A in efficiency to help keep the home warm and energy bills low.

Aluminium bi fold doors

Aluminium bi fold doors


We think this looks stunning against the Cotswold stone! But what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.