A Touch Of Frost

Over the past few months, we have talked in great detail about how the winter season can take its toll on your home and why it is vital that you prepare your home for these wintery conditions. So far the winter season has been fairly mild, seeing little to no frost and only a touch of snow, however, it is vital to be ready for the unpredictable change in our weather. During the build-up to the Christmas period, we wrote a few blogs around taking care of your home’s and how small jobs can be easily fixed by yourself.  

However, we are yet to touch base with frost damage to your home and how you can prepare yourself and your home to tackle the harsh winter if and when it arrives… It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How To Counter Frost And Ice Damage To Your Home?

  • Thoroughly clean your gutters – Blocked gutters can be a nightmare for your home if you do not clear these out on a regular basis. However, the harsh winter conditions can play havoc with your home.  If the water can not clearly pass through your guttering then it may find it’s own escape route. This could mean running down the outside of your wall. However, if there are cracks in your brickwork the last thing you are going to want is for the water to freeze as this can damage the brickwork.
  • Check Your Paint – Similar to checking your brickwork. If Frost manages to find it’s way into paint crevices your paintwork is going to crack. This will not only make your home look less appealing but it is also going to increase the risk of growing mould which can potentially harm your and your family.
  • Inspect your roof – It’s always worth checking your roof before it gets too windy and cold out there. When checking your roof you need to keep an eye out for broken or loose tiles or slates, as well as removing any branches that have fallen from nearby trees. It is vital that you do not do this under windy or frosty conditions, as this could have serious consequences.

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