It’s almost time to say goodbye to the winter blues and banishes them to the back of your mind for another year. Why is that you ask? Well, the spring season is almost upon us! On March 20th, 2017 it will be the first day of a new season. No more waking up to a bleak and dreary morning, no more leaving the house five minutes early so that you can defrost your vehicle.

Spring is definitely on its way, which is why now is the perfect time for you to find some time to give your conservatory some much need attention after the harsh winter season. Conservatories are a great place to spend your time all year around. But there is something so relaxing and peaceful about sitting down after a long day at work in your beautiful built and maintained conservatory. Here we are going to run you through how you can get your conservatory ready for spring.

Spring Cleaning

This job is not to be taken lightly, it may take a day or even a long weekend depending on the size of your conservatory. It is recommended you thoroughly clean your conservatory at least 4 times a year. However, the finished product is going to look incredible.

  • Regularly clean both the inside and outside windows. You do not have to purchase any “special” cleaning products just use the same type of product that you would use to clean your other windows around your property.
  • Remove any leaves, twigs, and dirt from the drainpipes and gutters around your conservatory.
  • After time you can easily develop a buildup of moss and algae on the roof. Use a mould removing product to protect your roof from this.
  • If you spot any kind of crack in your conservatory, give the team here a call and we will be more than happy to help you out
  • Do not just clean the window panes, it is very important that you also clean the frame. You can easily do this by using a water spray, however, if you have an older wooden conservatory you should treat the wood after cleaning it.

Your Safety Comes First!

Your safety is very important when it comes to cleaning your conservatory. We do not recommend that you climb on the roof to clean glass panes. Where possible please use an extendable brush.

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