Our Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Your Windows

The warmer weather is finally here, and maybe it’s time to give the exterior of your home some much needed TLC. It’s common to put off those outdoor cleaning jobs through the Winter so now is a great time to tackle those outdoor tasks.

The good thing for refreshing your windows is that uPVC is very easy to clean, and, with the right products, your windows will be shining in no time.

uPVC windows are resilient, however, after time no matter where you live, it’s likely your windows are going to accumulate dirt and grime. Hopefully, if you follow our steps you’ll have one less job on your checklist.

Cleaning Your Windows

Before you use any products on your windows, it’s going to be really helpful if you dig out the vacuum and clean up all the cobwebs and events. This will save you rubbing potential grime and dirt into your window.
Fill a bucket with some warm soapy water, washing up liquid will work a treat. Gently wipe the dirty window with your sponge, making sure you do not put too much pressure on the uPVC glass.
To dry your window use a microfibre cloth or some old newspaper, this will help avoid those nasty smear marks on your window.

What We Would Advise Against Using

We would avoid using any harsh chemical like bleach or white spirits as these can damage the uPVC frame of the window, potentially discolouring them. 

There’s an old saying that “windows are the eyes of the home”. Let’s get them sparkling this Spring.

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