Did you know… Evesham Glass and Glazing have recently partnered with a local UV film protection company? UV window film protection will help the rooms in your property stay warmer in the Autumn/Winter and cooler in the Spring/Summer seasons.

This will also protect you and your family from the violent sun rays that can cause visible signs of ageing and skin cancer. You can find out more about how Ultraviolet rays can affect your health over at the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Benefits of UV Film Protection

  • Increase Energy Savings – Tinting the windows in your property can add much more than style to your home. One of the most talked about benefits would the potential to lower your energy bills. With the installation of a high-quality UV tint, your windows will retain heat in the winter months and repel the summer sun.
  • Protect your furnitureHomeowners spend a lot of money on furnishing their properties. Each with their own individual styles and themes. The last thing you want to happen is for your furniture to be damaged by the sun. UV window film helps to prevent the sun from damaging your furniture. Prolonging the lifespan of your furnishings.
  • Increase Your PrivacyUltraviolet window film drastically increases the privacy you have within your home. Due to the film having a darker tint to help reduce UV rays it also helps to block out those prying eyes.
  • Reduce Damage to Windows – Both residential properties and commercial buildings window panes are at risk of breakages. Whether they are accidental like a ball hitting your window or something more serious like a break in. With UV tinting in place, your windows will smash similarly to that of a car windshield. 
  • Eliminate GlareIs there anything worse than when your sitting watching TV and out of nowhere the sun’s glare eliminates any chance of you seeing your TV. UV film helps to eliminate this issue allowing enough daytime light in without bothersome glare.

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