Modern Aluminium Windows and Doors


Modern Architectural Look

Aluminium products from Smart come in a massive range of colours and there is an option to select a different colour for the inside and out, or even outer frame and door sash on entrance doors. From contemporary urban homes to traditional cottages there will be the perfect colour for your home in any location.

This contrasts with older aluminium windows that were, due to the limitations of the alloy used,  largely only available uncoloured. The metallic look did not age particularly well.

The colour on modern aluminium double glazing is a hard wearing and easy clean coating that will accent your windows perfectly for years to come.


Easy Maintenance


The smooth profiles and hard wearing easy clean coating make day to day maintenance of aluminium window frames easy. The frames themselves offer excellent and stable support for the glass.

Modern coated aluminium is wipe clean with a damp cloth and is the highly damp resistant making it suitable for environments where weather corrosion would normally be a problem.

 Aluminium frames require almost no maintenance at all; a regular wipe clean is all they need.


Interior After

More Window – Less Frame


The structural strength of aluminium allows for smaller yet stronger frames. Meaning in effect that as a homeowner you get more “window in your window”.

The amount of light coming into a room can be increased while still improving the security and safety aspects of the frames and windows themselves.


Modern Specifications


Modern coated aluminium differs significantly from the aluminium window frames of the 1970’s and 1980’s. the manufacturing methods, fitting and even the type of aluminium alloy itself has been improved significantly in the intervening years.


British Standards


British Standard BS 4873 is the specification document for modern Aluminium windows and doors and the compliance regulations were improved significantly in  2009 then again in 2016 with;

BS 4873:2016

The scope of the changes were substantial affecting windows, doors and door-sets. It has strict stipulations on weather resistance, conductivity, weight handling, durability and flexibility

In short, the aluminium you see in modern windows. The sleek architectural greys and near black finishes are vastly improved from those of 30 years ago.


Aluminium Alloys for Windows and Doors


Aluminium windows are made with modern structural alloys. Typically, 6061 or 6063

Both offer excellent corrosion prevention, have good form-ability, retaining excellent structural strength once formed.


PAS 24 Security for Doors and Windows


Each frame is lightweight and extremely strong. All aluminium windows and doors will be accredited to at least PAS 24. PAS 24 (Publicly Available Specification) is a minimum British standard that means doors and windows have been tested and certified to have enhanced security performance.


Modern Aluminium Window Frames from Evesham Glass

The knowledgeable team at Evesham Glass and Glazing can answer questions relating to building regulation, however, it is unlikely you’ll need planning approval to install replacement windows and doors.

But if you have requirements for a sensitive new build or a listed building, we can offer advice on the most suitable products available.

Whether you are looking for a long-lasting alternative to timber for a Cotswold stone building or ultra-modern bi-folding doors for a new build extension, aluminium could be the answer!

The impressive images that accompany this blog post are all Evesham Glass and Glazing installations.



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