In your home, a window needs to do 2 simple things. Firstly, they need to keep the warmth inside your home and secondly, let the light in. However, if one stops functioning how it should, it can cause issues within your home.

There are 6 key elements to look for which point to when you need to replace those windows.

  • Old windows letting in drafts or leaking windows
  • Condensation within the panes of glass or internally
  • Broken handles or locks
  • Not energy efficient
  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Security and safety


They may seem obvious but it would surprise you how many people don’t recognise these.


Drafty or leaking window:

This is one of the main signs indicating that you may need to replace your windows. We’ve all felt a draft as you walk past a window, or when you enter a room. As your windows get older, the sealant around them may lose its impact and stop performing like it needs to. According to a Government report, 18% of heat loss occurs through windows. While all properties do lose heat, through replacing your windows, you’ll be able to control this loss much more efficiently. 


Condensation on a window:

Condensation can build up within the panes of the glass or internally, within the home if there isn’t sufficient ventilation. Moisture is added to the air all the time by breathing, cooking or washing. When it comes into contact with a cold surface such as a window, condensation starts forming. This can lead to mold around the window, room or around the home. Many of us allow this to happen and just wipe away the condensation. However, the build-up of moisture in the home can cause a range of problems, not just to the building itself, but the health of you, as the occupant.


Broken handles or locks:

If your windows either don’t lock or won’t open – this is a serious sign to get your windows replaced. You may need to use your windows to escape in an emergency and if you can’t open a window you could be putting yourself and others in danger.


Window not energy efficient:

You will quickly see that your energy bills start increasing if your windows aren’t functioning correctly. When it comes to the energy efficiency of your windows, many of the above are factors that need to be tackled including drafty windows and condensation. By replacing a window that isn’t energy-efficient, with either double or triple glazing. the amount of heat being lost will reduce. The Energy Saving Trust has said that “installing A++ rated double glazing in an entirely single-glazed house could save around £85 per year off heating bills of a typical semi-detached home”


Aesthetic reasons:

Thinking of a home make-over? Your windows are a prominent feature of the home so if they’re looking old and tired they will make the rest of your home feel the same way.


Safety & Security:

Your windows may not close or lock completely, or be easily forced open. You need to feel safe in your home, as well as warm. If your windows show any signs of being a potential target by a burglar, now is the time to change.
A police initiative to guide and encourage those engaged within the specification, design and build of new homes, and those undertaking major or minor property refurbishment, to adopt crime prevention measures’.
All of our windows are created to the highest quality and have been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers as well as registered with their “Secured by Design” initiative.

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How can we help you?

Here at Evesham Glass, we offer a wide range of casement, tilt & turn or sash windows, as well as offering windows in a selection of materials including Bereco Timber Windows and Aluminium Windows.


  • EcoBrite™ and ClariTherm are two features which are built into our double-glazed windows, both dramatically reduce the amount of thermal energy lost, especially when compared to older, inefficient windows
  • Our EcoTherm™ double-glazing units ensure the warmth stays inside your home and the noise stays out
  • Traditional aluminum spacers between each pane of glass have been replaced with Super Spacer®, which is a non-metallic warm edge spacer bar, 950 times less conductive, which virtually eliminates condensation, increases sound insulation and ensures a dry cavity due to the incorporated desiccants within.
  • Each glass pane uses hermetically sealed 20mm argon gas-filled space to separate the double glazed units to ensure efficiency
  • Free planning and design service
  • Our windows are also fully guaranteed with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that not only are they secure, but they come with full peace of mind.


Get in touch today to see how the team can help keep your home bright, warm and safe!