Evesham Glass offer many options. 

Which one is right for your home?


Casement Windows

A popular and versatile window that can be hinged along either vertical or horizontal axis offering a solution for most circumstances.
A casement window from Evesham Glass is a hinged, outward opening window recessed into a frame. They feature an outward section of the window that overlaps the frame to prevent the outside from getting in, even on the coldest days.
New thermally enhanced double or triple glazed windows from Evesham Glass can improve the look of your home and save you money. They conform to British Standards and are manufactured to the highest levels of quality. Keeping you warm and secure while also offering excellent acoustic efficiency.  These windows keep unwanted noises out.

As with all Evesham Glass windows our priority is to provide our customers with the best solution for their home, fitted to our excellent standards to provide security and peace of mind.

Flush Casement Windows

For an elegant outlook and ideal for older properties the flush casement window from Evesham Glass offers all of the window options of the standard casement window with a simple flush outward appearance.
Available as a single opening window or as a bay, our flush casement windows are versatile and adaptable.

With a choice of size and position of opening lights, handle options and positions and frame colours, there is sure to be something to suit your needs.
Evesham Glass casement windows include all the extras required to recreate period details.

Every component has been purpose made; the proportions are a perfect match. With a range of colours and matching hardware including dummy peg stays and monkey-tail handles. Evesham Glass flush casement windows will offer the solution you are looking for.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The Evesham Glass range of Tilt and Turn windows are inward opening windows designed with draught free safety in mind.

Turn the handle and push the window open. The opening is held and hinged by secure stays. Push the window closed again and return the handle to fit unobtrusively to the side. It is possible to open the window to swing inside the room allowing for maximum air flow. This offers the benefit that you can clean the outside of the window in safety and convenience inside the room.

Evesham Glass Tilt & Turn windows are the perfect choice where there are access problems to the exterior of the window or where restricted space outside makes outward-opening windows impractical. In common with all windows fitted by Evesham Glass they provide excellent weather and sound proofing as well.

Flush Tilt & Turn Windows

Evesham Glass also offer flush tilt and turn window options.
With the panes aligned with the window frame, our flush tilt and turn windows offer the same benefits as the standard tilt and turn windows with the added benefit of presenting a lower and less obtrusive profile.

As a result they are Ideal for older properties looking to maintain an authentic or period appearance while benefiting from the latest energy saving and security technology.

Flush tilt and turn windows provide the convenience of a fully opening widow with good air flow. They provide easy access to cleaning external panes inside the home if required.
Ideal for situations where external access is difficult.

The Evesham Glass flush tilt and turn window would provide an ideal solution for high elevation buildings. As such they are perfect for properties that have plants growing on the external side which would make it more difficult to open and close traditional windows.

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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

The vertical sliding sash widow from Evesham Glass is our take on the Victorian and Edwardian design classic.
Top and bottom sashes ensure air movement is controlled easily, and the modern uPVC design and fit ensure that operating the window is simple and effort free.

The Evesham Glass vertical sliding sash widows are built with respect for tradition in mind. This ensures that the aspect proportions of the window make them ideal when replacing older timber box windows. Offering the benefits of a new uPVC window alongside the appearance of the traditional vertically sliding sash.

The appearance and build quality mean that, even on buildings where a great deal of sensitivity to tradition is required, planners are happy to recommend the Evesham Glass sliding sash window.
Our vertical sliding sash window mimics the original faultless design

But we couldn’t let an opportunity for a few improvements pass by.
The benefit of our modern windows become apparent to the user of traditional sash windows. They offer excellent weather and sound proofing as well as the benefits of being easy to clean and maintain. Because of the modern design, the easy glide mechanism will not be subject to swelling and jamming over time. Of course, there is no cord to break. These windows simply push up and down with a minimum of effort.

To clean the windows, the panes tilt into your home. We’ve added security features, and pile seals and double glazing for warmth. With reduced energy bills as these sash windows can achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating.