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As the days become shorter and darker it is important to make sure your property is safe and secure. We are now in the Autumn season and, as the nights draw in and it is darker earlier it is only natural for thoughts to include an emphasis on home security.

By taking our precautions we can help you deter intruders and help you feel safe within your own home.

Securing Your Doors

Making sure that the entrances to your property are secure is a vital task you should undertake regularly in order to help keep your property safe.

Here are our tips when it comes to door security:

  • When purchasing a new door it is important that they come with the right security accreditations. Ask the installer about Secure By Design and if the doors they are purchasing carry this certification.
  • Install anti-snap locks on all doors that lead to the exterior of your property. This will help to prevent lock snapping.
  • Check that your PVCu or composite door is fitted with a multipoint lock meeting BS 3621
  • We would recommend fitting a cage to your letterbox to help prevent thieves from putting their hands through or pushing any implement through the letterbox that might open the door from the outside.
  • Check that your door hinges are sturdy and secured with long screws.
  • Install a door viewer and chain. This will help you see who is outside your home without you having to open the door. If you do need to open your door then the door chain will help to prevent people pushing their way into your property. However, you will have to make sure that the door chain has been installed correctly to avoid screws being pulled out of the door frame.

Securing Your Windows

Many homeowners focus on securing their doors and forget about how important it is to keep your windows protected.

  • Patio doors and conservatories are extremely vulnerable to break-ins. If they are not secure then install additional locks and a security block to stop them being lifted.
  • When you are looking to invest in a new set of windows we would recommend that you choose windows that are certified to British Standard PAS 24.
  • To help prevent glazing from being smashed you may want to invest in accredited adhesive window film. This will help stop your glazing from being smashed.

Locked Entrances and Side Gates

If any entrance to your property is left unlocked, you are giving unwanted visitors an easy route into your property. Whether it is through the garage or a side gate, it is essential that you make sure these are secured. You can pick up gate locks from most home improvement stores or online.

Security Lights

Security lights are a great way to detect intruders and put them under the spotlight. The motion sensor within the light will detect infrared energy and will light up when someone is outside your property.

We would recommend installing these in your back garden, your driveway and the side of your property. These will also aid your CCTV system, allowing you to see clearly if someone is outside your home.

Home Security Alarm

A home security alarm can be fundamental in strengthening the security of your property. They can be used as deterrents and to summon help if somebody does break into your house. We would always recommend that when purchasing a home security alarm system that you have it professionally installed by a registered business. Do not consider cold callers or a telesales enquiry. There are 2 types of home security alarms;

  • Audible only – When this type of alarm has been activated it will operate an internal and external siren to call attention to your home
  • Remotely Monitored System – When the remotely monitored system is active it will send a signal to a central monitoring station who will call a key holder of your choice to notify them that your alarm is active. They will also call the police if required.

CCTV System

Household CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and the rise of the ‘smart home’. Allowing you to check on your home straight from your mobile phone screen. They are perhaps the best defence mechanisms to help deter unwanted intruders trying to force entry into your home.

Michael Fraser who is a co-presenter of Beat the Burglar and Going Straight says:

“There are quite a few products that are worth buying to protect your home, and first on the list are the apps on your phone that show through to a camera by your front door. These allow you to immediately see who is at your front door, and alert you to activity on your property.”

With a multitude of options available from Amazons Ring and Google’s Nest. They are well worth the investment.

Buy a Dog!

It may sound like a cliche, but homeowners who own a dog are less likely to be victims of burglaries according to the Guardian. However, we would never recommend that you purchase a dog just for security purposes. The decision to provide a home for an animal is a big decision for families and is one not to be taken likely.

However, dogs can be a great deterrent against burglars, and don’t forget the ‘Beware of the dogs; signs!

Light Timer Switches

Automatic timers for your lights are a great way to trick intruders into thinking someone is at home. These devices usually retail for around £15.00 from your local DIY stores. All you will need to do is plug the device into the designated wall outlet, and programme in the time you require your lamps to turn on. You could even use it to turn on the radio.

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