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Tilt & turn windows

At Evesham Glass, you’ll find a complete range of tilt & turn windows to suit any home. They are uniquely designed to create light and space and make a beautiful focal point. Increasing in popularity, this sophisticated uPVC window style offers the benefits of a large area of glass, ease of cleaning and excellent ventilation.

Tilt & turn window features and benefits

With tilt and turn windows from Evesham Glass you get the best of both worlds – latest double glazing technology and uPVC frames, without losing the style and character of your home. The innovative tilt and turn mechanism enables the window to be opened inwards from the top for effective ventilation or from the side for cleaning from within your home.

  • Tailor made to your specifications. If you have unusually large or small windows then we can accommodate more than just the conventional sizes. Here at Evesham Glass our tilt and turn windows offer additional lighting to any room
  • Our tilt and turn window are extremely secure and are the ideal option for exposed sites or where ventilation is needed, whilst still maintaining security. Its side opening function also allows the window to be used as an effective fire escape.
  • uPVC tilt and turn windows allow you to ventilate your home without creating strong draughts. In the tilt position, the window allows fresh air to flow in freely at the top while allowing stale air to escape around the sides. When opened inwards from the side, the external sash can be cleaned easily and safely from inside your building.

As with all double glazed windows from Evesham Glass they come with a full 10-year warranty and all the latest security features, including multipoint locking systems and double locking handles.

Our choice of tilt & turn windows are Profile 22 https://www.profile22.co.uk/products/window-system/tilt-turn-window/

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