Sash Windows

Classic beauty with low maintenance and modern benefits

Sash windows

Imagine the beautiful characteristics and charm of traditional sash windows.  Now imagine all of that charisma without any of the issues such as rattles, draughts and non-sliding casements of the past. Here at Evesham Glass, we are able to offer the perfect solution for your home.

Our sash windows are hard wearing and also almost maintenance free. They require no painting and because they are made with UPVC, there is no discolouration, cracking or flaking. Meaning you avoid the problems you get with timber frames, such as warping and sticking. The modern openings are durable, long lasting and secure. They are double glazed and fully sealed, they also keep your home warm and quiet.

  • Evesham Glass’ windows complement the appearance of any town or country home. The sashes slide up and down with an easy action and can be held in any opened position.
  • Thermal energy loss, draughts and fuel bills are all at the forefront of our minds. Our uPVC double glazed sash windows are very energy efficient and offer superb protection from the elements that cause the loss of heat, contributing to energy savings

We choose Victorian Sliders for all of our sliding sash window installations

So preserve the beauty of your historic home whilst upgrading the style, security and energy efficiency.

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Our modern sash windows, just like our other products, are tailor made to you and your home and also come with a fantastic 10-year warranty.  So why not book your appointment for more information today?

All our work is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

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Sash Window

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Sash Window