Skypods and Roof Lanterns from Evesham Glass

Introducing a new and innovative way to introduce natural light into your home – a Skypod. With its inspiring contemporary design, it will not only enhance your lifestyle but add value to your home too.

In the past skylights have been made from aluminium.  The new PVCU skypod not only matches the rest of your PVCU products but also costs a lot less without compromising on the strength and integrity of the building.

Skypods are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can create a skylight that compliments the individuality of your home.   They are suitable for a wide range of projects such as flat-roofed extensions, orangeries, new builds, kitchen-diners and garage conversions.


What is the Difference Between a Skypod and a Skylight?

A skypod is a specific form of skylight. One with pitched sides, typically forming an apex protrusion from either a flat or sloped roof. This shape gathers more sunlight than a traditional flat window and channels it down to the room below.

Modern uPVC skypods benefit from being strong, lightweight, low maintenance and are very secure.


Roof Lantern

In most cases, when talking about a roof mounted window a skypod and a roof lantern are the same thing. A roof lantern is a type of skypod. A roof lantern is typically a square skypod rather than one that is extended on one pair of sides to form a rectangle.


Roof Lights

If you would prefer a flatter window, rather than the apex or dome of a Skypod you could opt for a roof light.

Roof lights lie flatter to the surface and are useful where space or the appearance of a domed protrusion is not desirable.

While providing a more traditional looking finish, they do not have the same light capture qualities of a Skypod and generally, per square meter of glass, provide between 20% and 30% less light to the room below than a Skypod would.


Corniche Window

The design of a Skypod sometimes lends its shape to the term corniche. This term derived from France means a road or ledge on the side of a hill.

The sloped sides of a Skypod have a similar aspect and the term has been adopted by some to describe a skypod.

Personally, at Evesham Glass we prefer not to use this term as it might cause confusion between a Skypod and a traditional vertically set corniche window.

Don’t worry though. Whatever term you use to describe your ideal window, Evesham Glass will get the job done.


Skypod Installation

Skypods from Evesham Glass come in a range of colours. In most cases the pitch of skypod – the angle at which the glass slopes from the frame to the apex – is also flexible within a range of safe tolerances.

Our expert fitters will check the suitability of your roof for installation and deal with any queries you have.

All our building work is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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