Double glazing, is it really worth all the hype? Well yes actually, every home no matter how big or small it may be its energy efficiency can always be improved, especially with the installation of secondary glazing or double glazing.

You might be thinking why? Why do I need double glazing? Well, standard single glazed windows are really poor at insulation and keeping your home warm. And we all know there is nothing worse than being cold come winter. Single glazed windows transfer the cold very quickly. This reduces the temperature inside your home dramatically and so you will need a lot more energy to be warm.

If you were to buy double glazed windows you would benefit greatly from these because double glazing is effectively two panes of glass put together between the inner and outer frame. Now usually the space between these two pieces of glass is filled with something called Argon gas, which is essentially an insulator of heat and creates a really effective barrier between the cold and your home.

Beside the main reasons that you and your family should consider to go double glazing, it also reduces your home’s chance of damp. This is because it reduces the amount of condensation that builds up. The internal panel of glass is at a temperature closer to that of your home and it decreases the chance of the air reaching dew point and leaving water on the coldest objects it can get to.

Now double glazing may take some individuals a long time to pay back, through energy saving benefits, and is a long-term investment. However the installation of your double glazed windows will create a warmer environment for your family especially if you live near or on a main road and will also increase the chance of reselling your home.

Just like your boiler and numerous other household appliances that you have double glazed windows can be tested and can be awarded the thermal efficient rating. The scheme is done by BRFC, the having a rating system from A to G, with A being the best and you will gain the Energy Saving Trust logo on your window. It is always worth asking whoever installs your windows whether it is us or another firm if their windows have had this test done.


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