You may be wondering if it is worth investing in a conservatory especially with what little to no summer that we have year in year out.


But think about this, its February, you have just gotten over the stress of Christmas and you just want to get away from the day to day gripes of life.

Would you rather fork out £30,000 for a brick built extension with one window? Or would you prefer a more reasonably priced £18,000 conservatory with glass windows that you could relax in, perhaps have an alfresco feeling dinner and a few drinks with your closest friends?

Conservatories In Stratford Upon Avon

I mean if you need an excuse to finally go ahead and enquire about conservatories just think about all the extra room that you will have. You can finally have some place to go, where all of your family can sit at in the summer. Or perhaps it could be a place where your children can go and play whilst you have dinner with friends, they will be within eyesight too. It could be an add-on to your kitchen or your living room.

I mean just think about the energy, if you decide to go ahead with the conservatory that you’ve always wanted then. Then why not ask for polycarbonate cavities in the roofing. This will prevent your conservatory from overheating, the last thing that you want is to have a conservatory that you can’t use in the summer because it’s too hot.  Energy saving, safe and with excellent environment control.

As well as all of these benefits, think of the selling aspect. If you come to selling your home then a conservatory is a huge bonus, it’s essentially an extra room plus the investment could be reflected in the valuation of your property. Not only are these all great benefits, but it is a very unique selling point.