Springtime is the Right Time for uPVC Replacement Windows

Is it time to replace or upgrade your windows to uPVC windows? Well, with so many benefits of using uPVC replacement windows compared to using vinyl windows, fibreglass windows, aluminium windows and even wooden windows, this might very well be the right time to upgrade. Springtime is ideal, with the onset of warm dry weather, the work needed to replace your old windows with Evesham Glass’s fresh uPVC will be a breeze. Still undecided? Here are some key benefits of replacing your windows for modern uPVC double-glazing.

1.Low maintenance

While most windows like aluminium and wooden will need attention every now and then, uPVC windows require little or no maintenance at all hence they’re a perfect “fit and forget” solution for replacement double glazing. Apart from a quick wipe with a cloth to keep it clean, uPVC requires no maintenance as it never fades, flakes, rots or rusts. This makes it more convenient and time saving.

2.Security and Safety benefits

These windows are built to offer superior strength and rigidity thereby improving home security. uPVC frames are constructed to the utmost hardness hence are much harder for would-be-intruders to cut through and use latest multi-point locking systems to deter would-be-burglars. So when properly installed by a professional, you can be sure intruders will just bypass your home. In addition, uPVC is a non-toxic material designed to be difficult to ignite and therefore ensure improved standards of fire safety in your property.

3.uPVC Replacement Windows Save energy

Modern uPVC windows with double-glazing have high insulation properties. It provides the best heat and energy insulation available. Their insulation properties mean that your office or home will work to retain cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. This allows you to reduce your carbon foot-print and save money on your energy bills. With uPVC windows, you’ll also have fewer problems with noise outside of your home such as nearby pubs, loud air conditioners, aircraft noise, barking dogs and noisy neighbours, to name a few.

4.Very versatile

uPVC replacement windows are very versatile. They can provide a perfect solution for almost any situation. Whether, your home is large or small, Victorian or modern, there is a style, size and shape that will suit your home. What’s more, the windows are completely resistant to splitting, rotting and warping, allowing them to maintain their good looks for many years. Although they are perfect for modern homes offering sleek and clean aesthetics in a virtually endless choice of colours, in case you want a more traditional appearance, the windows are also available in wood grain finish to create that traditional look.

5.Cost Effective

Another benefit of uPVC replacement windows is the cost. When it comes to pricing, uPVC is usually the cheapest material but the best. Aluminium and wooden windows will usually cost at least three times more than replacement uPVC double glazing windows. Before people used to consider paying the extra cost for aluminium or wooden windows as they wanted a custom colour but now uPVC windows can be found in unlimited colour options.

Bottom Line

uPVC windows are an investment and to save cost it is important to hire only a reputable and experienced company to install them for you. This way you will have the company successfully complete the project professionally and on time.