Are you looking at giving your home some much-needed TLC? Perhaps those little jobs that needed doing in the summer finally need to be sorted out before the Christmas period. Or perhaps you would just like to make sure your home is ready to tackle the harsh winter environment. Whatever you need we hope to cover the basics about winter repairs to your home in this article.

Damp Damage

Damp damage is a major concern not Just to your home but your health too, however, this is a lot more prominent in older homes that do not have any cavity wall insulation. Our top tips for dealing with damp and mould damage are:


  • Purchase a dehumidifier – This is a great way to keep on top of built up moisture in your home. Allowing your home to feel warmer and more comfortable. Our recommendation for this would be to pay a little extra and go for a smart dehumidifier that will turn itself off once the tank is full.
  • Keep your home warm – Condensation occurs in your home when warm air touches a cold surface, this could be an outside wall or a window pane. There are a few things that can help you keep your home warm like loft installation and properly fitted double glazed windows.

Condensation In Your Windows

Condensation is a major problem this time of year, due to you running your central heating system a lot more than you would in the summer. Condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface and can lead to a buildup of condensation on your window or between the two panes of your double glazing. But how can you deal with a buildup of condensation?

  • Keep your home ventilated at all times. You can do this by opening your windows every day. This doesn’t have to be wide open but just leave them ajar so some air can get into your home.


  • When taking a bath or a shower try to keep your bathroom door shut and always open the bathroom window as much as you can. This is to allow the excess moisture in the air to escape your home

Leaking Roofs

Is there anything more important to you and your family than the roof over your head? Most people do not pay attention to their roofs and take them for granted. This can lead to your roof being neglected and over time can begin to wear down and because prone to leaks and mould. However, if you regularly check your roof for all sorts of issues that could lead to a leak.

What to look out for:

  • Water stains
  • Mold
  • Wet Insulation
  • Check underneath your roof for any moisture or mould


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