With the start of a new season getting closer and closer, we’re going to take a look at how you can get your windows in tip top condition in time for spring.

With only one month to go, will you have enough time? With our handy step by step guide, you’ll be able to spring clean all of your property in time. Your windows and doors play a vital role in your home. They keep your house warm, safe, and secure. Which is why it is very important to look after them. Especially after the harsh winter conditions.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows will remove all of the unwanted dirt, grime and salt that has been building up all over the winter season. But what are the best ways that you can clean your windows and make sure that they are secure?

Your Checklist

  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Chamois or a micro fibre cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Dry cloth
  • Ready made window cleaning solution or vinegar

We recommend washing your windows when there is no direct sunlight on your pane of glass. This is because although you can see dirt easier it also dries quicker and can leave streaks on your windows.

 How To Get Clean Windows

  • Remove dust
  • Wash your windows with a sponge
  • Wipe off leftover water
  • Buff your windows with an old newspaper
  • If you want to save a couple of pounds you can make your own cleaning solution using two tablespoons of vinegar and a bucket of water

If you notice any cracks, chips or draft coming through your windows, this could be a major problem. We would recommend giving us a call as you may need a new window or pane of glass.

Take a look at the gallery of windows that the Evesham Glass and Glazing team have fitted over the years.

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