We all know someone who has had the unfortunate experience with a so called ‘Cowboy Builder’ it’s a terrible experience for anyone to have, losing time, money and trust in someone. Unfortunately, this happens more than we would like.

Which is why we are writing this article for you, we are going to be writing our tips to spot a ‘Cowboy builder’ so that you can avoid these and invest your money and time into a reputable company that’s going to get the job done.

  • Make sure there is a logo on their van – This isn’t always the case, however, 9 times out of 10 a good sign of a reputable company is the vans they usually have their company logo on the side.
  • Have they asked for cash upfront? – This is something most legitimate business will never ask for. The process usually works by you commissioning a company to carry work out on your property and payment is made when the job is completed. Even if they say it’s for parts you should never hand over cash before work is completed.
  • Are they unwilling to offer references?
  • Refuses to offer a contract or sign one you give to them
  • Offers a very cheap quote and is too keen to start the job right away – This is a potentially sign that they do not intend to stick to the job, ‘cowboy builders’ also do a lot of work in one area before moving away from that area altogether, leaving behind unfinished  work and are very hard to track.
  • If you’re looking at carrying out any home improvements over the summer, then please use a reputable business like ourselves, we would hate for you to be stung by a ‘cowboy builder’.

For any work carried out on your property from roofing to fitting new windows and doors feel free to contact Evesham Glass and Glazing, all of our work is backed by a 10-year guarantee and we offer free quotes

We hope you all have a great weekend – The Evesham Glass and Glazing team.

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