One of our regular trade customers Mr Hopkins was let down by his builder who was meant to install an EPDM rubber roof for him.

Dane and the team came to the rescue and laid the new timber deck with EPDM. The EPDM rubber roof has a 20-year guarantee with a life expectancy of 50 years.

The roof was finished with code 4 lead flashing and cover trim to complete the aesthetically pleasing project.


EPDM roofs are a long-term solution – 50 years Plus life expectancy

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) membranes are particularly suitable for the sort of extreme conditions commonly found in flat roof applications, making EPDM the most reliable and durable material solution for your flat roof.

Aesthetically Pleasing – EPDM roofing material is a black colour. EPDM synthetic rubber flat roofing looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt. One of EPDM roof advantages is that it does not support the growth of moss unlike traditional felt systems – no stone chippings or solar reflective paint required! A nice, smooth, clean finish that customers just love.

Interested in a EPDM Roof Quote?

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