Mr Lloyd-Wright contacted Evesham Glass and Glazing after he made the decision to transform the back of his home.

Dane worked closely with the customer to make sure that the vision that he had had for his home was exactly what was created. After discussions, the choice was made to install two Smart Aluminium Visofold 1000 doors and two Smart Alitherm 600 windows.


Back of a brick house of a house with bifolding doors at the bottom and windows the top floor.

Smart Aluminium Visofold 1000 doors, along with a Smart Alitherm 600 window system

Smart Alitherm 600 window


The Smart Alitherm 600 window systems are a fantastic way to keep your home warm while looking modern and smart.

When it comes to installing windows or bi-fold doors it is important to make sure that your home retains heat and is protected from the elements.

The “U-Value” or thermal transmittance is the rate that heat transfers through a structure which is then divided by the difference in temperature across the structure.

What’s special about Smart is that they use an innovative polyamide thermal break technology. This is designed to create a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside.

Through this technology, the heat transfers much slower and the “U-Value” is reduced significantly resulting in the windows performing better as an insulator. Ultimately keeping your home nice and warm.


Smart Aluminium Visofold 1000 doors


Smart Aluminium Visofold 1000 doors can bring a lot of natural light into your home. They create a feeling of the outdoors and indoors being connected. Not only that but you can decide how they open.

There are two options; the doors can open at one side and the panels move across together to the other side or they can be gathered in the middle of the frame, creating a double door.

The Visofold doors also make use of Smart’s innovative polyamide thermal break technology, reducing the loss of heat.


Designing to your home


After deciding on which products would suit his home, Mr Lloyd-Wright then selected the product colours which would suit his home.

The decision was:

  • Papyrus White (RAL 9018) externally
  • Pure White (RAL 9010) internally

The windows and doors have then been finished with aluminium arches above.


We are thrilled with the work and thrilled with how much Mr Lloyd-Wright loved the transformation!

‘….Special thanks go to Terry, whose attention to detail and workmanship were superb and, consequently, I am delighted with the finished result”