Endurance Scafell

Mr. English decided recently to transform the front of his home. The result was a brand new Scafell door from Endurance. Mr. English was a previous customer of Evesham Glass and Glazing so we were thrilled to be asked to help him once again.
Installed expertly by Terry, the door itself was already a statement piece, with the triple glazing and riviera design on the glass. The large glazed area of the door allows a huge amount of light to flood the hallway. Resulting in creating a very welcoming space.


endurance colours



Often, it’s a difficult choice when selecting your new door. Firstly, which design, shape, and colour would you want? Secondly, you will have to consider whether to have glazing or not, a knocker, or even a letterbox. Clearly, the options are endless! With Endurance, you have the flexibility you need to create a door that suits your home perfectly. 

Mr. English decided on “rich red”, along with the brass hardware, creating a very traditional appearance to the front of the property. Thankfully, the Endurance Scafell comes with a choice of 19 different colours so you’ll be guaranteed to find something to suit your home.



Fitted with an AV2 heritage lock, the door is highly secure, allowing peace of mind when it comes to security.
  • Opened externally by turning a key or deadlocked.
  • From inside the home, the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn.
  • Automatic locking when it is closed from the inside


Selecting these choices has resulted in a stunning entranceway for Mr. English.

Without a doubt, Terry did a fantastic job!
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