Our Installer Aaron has been very busy installing since lockdown was eased and Evesham Glass and Glazing reopened!

Below you’ll find a selection of the beautiful Endurance entrance doors which were expertly fitted locally. All having their own characteristics, suiting the customer’s homes and personal requirements.

Let us know which is your favourite!


Cleeve endurance


Mr Greenway  

Aaron installed a Cleeve Style Endurance door for Mr Greenway at his home in Evesham.

The Cleeve style has a very contemporary feel for a timeless shiplap style door.

Mr Greenway chose the Chartwell green door slab, with a white frame and chrome hardware.

The colour looks fantasic and really suits the front of the home!





Skiddaw endurance door


Mr Harris

For his front door, Mr Harris chose an Endurance composite Skiddaw door for his home.

The Skiddaw door is a great choice if you’re looking to add light to the home, especially if there is an enclosed hallway.

When it comes to the Skiddaw Endurance door, there are many different choices for the colour and glazing options.

Mr Harris went with “Raven Black”. It compliments his open porch perfectly, while really standing out against the brickwork.





Mr Wall

Based in Elmley Castle, Mr Wall decided upon an Tyree door from Endurance.

The Tyree Endurance door retains its traditional, country appearance while filling the hallway with light,

Mr Wall chose to have the door in Golden Oak, along with Heritage black hardware, a Heritage black bull ring, and an AV3 slam lock. The rural feel of the door creates a cosy, warm and inviting entranceway.

The AV3 slam lock has an automatic locking process that works by a magnet trigger technology. This guarantees that the door always remains securely locked and firmly in its frame, even without additional locking.




Aaron has done a fantastic job on these 3 homes and we’re absolutely thrilled with how they look!

Amazing work Aaron!