As I write this it’s a glorious late Spring day. The sun is shining and there seems to be a window open in every room of the house keeping the atmosphere pleasant and temperate. Getting involved with replacement windows was the last thing on my mind. However, thinking about it another way. the windows at the rear of my house haven’t been replaced since the early 1990’s – 25 years ago – and were not the best back then.

Every Winter, when the fuel bill comes in, or I feel a chill. I consider those windows and how much better they would look, and how much energy I’d save (not to mention the extra warmth on the coldest of days) but, well, in January or whenever that thought comes to mind, the idea of having a day or two with no windows while they are replaced doesn’t seem right at all. It occurs to me that now is exactly the right time to consider those replacement windows. Having a rare moment of practicality, I decided to list the main reasons why they seem such a good idea, as well as why this time of year is, for many, the ideal time to get the job done.

Just like any other material, windows get old, starts to look shabby, and performs dismally. If your double glazed windows have been in place for long, you might feel the need to get high-performance replacement windows. The glazing could start getting cloudy, making it hard to see through, thereby making your home appear unattractive. Your single glazed windows could also not be safe enough, or could be letting too much sound into your home, and hence the need to replace them. Here are the reasons why you should consider replacing your single glazed or old windows with the double glazed ones.

Heightened safety

Double glazed windows are safer compared to single pane because two sheets are a lot harder to smash. Their toughness to break therefore increases the security of your home significantly. Besides that, they are tightly sealed to make them harder to force them open. You can even ask for a laminated or toughened glass for improved security.

Outdoor noise reduction

If you are unfortunate in the sense that your home is close to a highway, school, or a facility that produces a lot of noise, you need high-quality windows. Unlike other types of windows, the double glazed ones will help keep the noise at bay. The thickness between the outer and inner panes creates a barrier between your home and the outside, thereby insulating the external sound.

Heat retention

If you want the kind of windows that won’t allow heat to escape from your house easily or let in unwanted outside temperatures, then the double glazed windows will serve you right. Unlike the standard windows, the double glazed ones have an airtight structure that produces thermal insulation. This minimizes the transfer of the outgoing and incoming heat to ensure that the indoor temperature is comfortable as much as possible.

Limited condensation

When heat is retained, you would expect water droplets to form on the windows. When the droplets freeze, they become frosty and could lead to the formation of mold which is unhealthy. The double glazed windows can help you inhibit this condensation process from occurring. The airtight seal and the air between the two panes of glass in these windows prevent condensation from occurring by impeding moisture during the cold season.

Saving energy

As you may realize, single glazed windows make your house consume much more energy to cool or heat it up compared to the double glazed windows. As mentioned earlier, the double glazed windows have a thermal insulation feature that reduces the flow of outgoing and incoming heat. Since minimal energy is used to cool down or heat up your room, you end up spending less energy, and hence lower bills.

As you can see, double glazed replacement windows are a worthy consideration. All you need is a professional to help you fix them so that you enjoy all the benefits.