The roof is the first line of defence of your home  from natural hazards such as rain, wind, hail, extreme heat and snow. It is also the part of your building that is most vulnerable. Every day your roof is exposed to weather and other harsh conditions that may lead to decay and deterioration. Such conditions increase the risk of damage to the roof and the elements that are below it.

Having a roof protect your home starts with the material, design, and installation at the time of building. However, for it to adequately serve its purpose of protecting whatever is below it, requires a regular program of inspection repair and maintenance. This article focuses on why a quick and effective repair of a leaking roof is vital

1. It is Cheaper to Repair than to Replace

What will happen when you allow your roof to suffer a leaking problem? Water will go to your roof crevices then to your ceiling. If you allow this to continue, it will weaken the foundation and then destroy the other parts of the roof. A very simple problem like a pin prick leak can mean a shortened life span of the entire roof.

Repair prices vary of course depending on the issue and which side of the roof professionals will have to work on. On the other hand, full installation of the roof can mean double or even triple the price of repair. When a roof with a lifespan of 20 to 30 years suffers a leaking problem you should consider the repair as saving you money in the long run rather than costing you in the short term. Leave it and may become too damaged and will force you to face the entire cost of replacement.

2. Leaking Roof if not Fixed, Can Cause a Lot of Damage To Other Areas Of Your Home

A leaking roof comes with a myriad of problems. It can affect cooling of your house, heating, and the ventilation. As moisture increases, it can mean peeling of paint and potential wall cracks. Among the damages a leaking roof can bring include:

– Interior mould and mildew issues

As your roof continues to leak it poses a serious threat of mould by providing a conducive environment for its growth. Mould can quickly spread throughout the entire structure through vents where it can invade other properties like furniture, carpets and even clothing. Mould poses a threat to our health; it can cause diseases like rhinitis, nasal cavity, asthma and inflammation especially to those people who are highly sensitive. Once it has invaded, it’s hard to get rid of, and it is rather costly

– Fire Hazards

If you have an electrical wiring in your ceiling, a leaky roof can pose a fire threat from those wires that are shortened. It goes without saying that damp in the walls next to your electrical cabling is a potentially dangerous issue. Water and electricity are dangerous bed-fellows

– Compromised Structural Integrity

One of the apparent results of a leaking roof is the damaged ceiling joints, rafter, fascia boards and wall framing. A chronic intrusion of water can lead to wood deterioration, and this may cause some serious problems that may even require the assistance of a professional builder.

3. Helps to Maintain the Value of Your Home

Building the value of your home is an important thing. This is especially if you intend to sell it in future or even use it as collateral for a loan. In either situation, it all depends on how fast your house can be sold in the market.  Many mortgage products cannot be applied to a structurally unsound roof, and most of those that can are granted on the proviso that work is carried out on the roof as a clause of granting the mortgage. Whether as a buyer or a seller, this can be a real issue.

4. It keeps you under Warranty.

Professionally fitted roofs such as those from Evesham Glass, have a warranty and, in most cases; it is equivalent to the lifespan of the roof. However, it is not common to find a warranty that is unlimited. What you get is usually a warranty that is limited and comes with a number of terms and conditions. Besides, it covers manufacturers defects only, if the problem is from lack of maintenance or negligence, you may never be able to have your roof replaced from the warranty. By repairing leaky roofs, it prevents the problem from becoming bigger, prolongs its life and continue to be protected by the warranty.

Bottom Line

Many different problems in your house occur over time. Some can be left for a while as none critical, none dangerous and offering only a low rate of decline and function to the home. Other problems, though appearing minor, can affect your house dramatically in costly ways that may remain hidden without a survey and dramatically reduce the value of your home and incur costs that mount quickly if the issue remains un treated. Most issues with the roof of your home fall into this second category

However, a leaky roof repair should always be at the top of the list of your home maintenance issue. If you think you have an issue, or maybe you just want a new energy efficient roof. Get in touch with us at Evesham Glass